High-quality, hand-made wood products customized with your logo or message.

Our wood products are made from spruce, pine or fir and occasionally more exotic woods. Each item is engraved with your logo or message. Some products are sealed with an environmentally friendly mix of coconut oil and beeswax. Others use tung oil – a water-proof finish derived from the fruit of the tung oil tree. Both of these finishes enhance the look and feel of the wood product without introducing chemicals or toxins into the end product.


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Charcuterie Boards

Propagation Stations

Custom Gift Boxes


Soap Dishes

Bespoke Storage Options

Charcuterie Boards

Our round charcuterie boards have a comfortable handle for easy transport from counter to table. Add in your logo and you have the perfect gift for corporate employees.

Turnaround time: 1 Week
Dimensions: L 12” x W 12” x H 5/8”

Propagation Stations

Also called Test Tube Holders, Propagation Stations are a great way to brighten up any room.

With two sizes available, you’re sure to find the perfect option to gift to your employees or clients.

Turnaround time: 1 Week
6 Holder, for 6″ test tubes: L 11 x W 2” x H 3 1/2”
2 Holder, for 8″ test tubes: L 5 x W 2 1/4” x H 3 1/2”

Gift Boxes

A specialized gift box is a great way to present an award. It’s also perfect for filling and giving to your customers as a thank you gift. Adding your branding to our custom gift boxes takes a great thing and makes it better.

Whatever you decide to put in them, the presentation is an important aspect to making the recipient see your appreciation. So whether it’s time to thank an employee, team, or customer, remember the box!

Turnaround time: Varies based on order
Dimensions: Custom Made – Contact us to get started


Tired of advertising for someone else? Is the recurring expense of purchasing custom cardboard coasters getting in the way of your profits? Or are you looking for a useful gift for your employees?

Wood coasters are a great way to show off your brand without the ongoing expense of buying custom cardboard coasters. Cassiar Craft wood coasters look great and can be treated for water resistance. They look amazing (especially with your logo or branding) and last longer than cardboard too! Take your coaster game to the next level and order your custom wood coasters.

As a corporate gift, coasters are a thoughtful way to convey your message and offer a useful product that your employees are sure to enjoy!

Turnaround time: 1 Week
Dimensions: Diameter 3 1/4” x  Height 1/8”
Custom finish options are available upon request.

Soap Dishes

Each soap dish is handcrafted and sealed with beeswax and coconut oil to enhance the wood grain, and protect the wood from moisture. Because coconut oil and beeswax are naturally water resistant, your wood soap dish will repel water. Beeswax is also mold-resistant, so your handcrafted soap and lotion bars are all protected. The design of the soap dish also includes large vents and rubber feet for positive air flow – no ruined, waterlogged soap here! Give your customers the best value by offering a soap dish that works with your custom soaps!

Turnaround time: 1 Week
Small Soap Dish: L 4” x W 2 3/8” x H 3/4”
Large Soap Dish: L 4” x W 3 x H 3/4”

Treasure Chests

This stunning, eco-friendly storage option is perfect for a variety of uses. Your gift recipients can use it as decor in their home or office. It’s also a stunning option for storage. Regardless of where it is used, the treasure chests bring the beauty of natural wood into the space.

Contact us today to talk about custom chests.

Turnaround time: Varies based on order
Dimensions: Custom made per order

Brick Builder Play Box

Looking for a fun and portable way to take your building bricks with you wherever you go? Look no further than the Brick Builder Play Box! This sturdy and practical box is designed with the busy brick builder in mind and is perfect for on-the-go play and organization.

Featuring a studded plate on the top for building, a lift-out tray with dividers for easy organization, and additional storage at the bottom, the Brick Builder Play Box has everything you need to keep your bricks organized and accessible. And with its sturdy metal handles, you can transport your bricks safely and easily, no matter where you’re headed.

Whether you’re a seasoned brick-building pro or just starting out, the Brick Builder Play Box is the ultimate storage and play solution for brick lovers of all ages. So why wait? Order yours today and start building wherever the road takes you!

Turnaround time: Within 1 Week
Dimensions: L 15 ¼” x  W 15 ¼” x H 11 ¾”

Vinyl Record Box

With the vinyl record boom showing no signs of stopping, people once again need storage for their valuable records. Today’s milk crates no longer have the right dimensions, plus were always a bit of an eyesore anyway. Upgrade to our Vinyl Record Box!

Featuring a quality build with maple veneer, a Danish Oil treatment and rubber feet that enable grooved stacking. Have your company’s logo or messaging laser-engraved. Indent on front and back makes for easy lifting. Natural wood tone blends in harmoniously with various interiors. Holds 70+ records. Made locally from Eco-friendly, re-purposed wood.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, the Vinyl Record Box is the ultimate storage and organization solution for music lovers. So why wait? Order yours today and start flipping through that beautiful album artwork!

Turnaround time: Within 1 Week
Dimensions (interior): L 12 ½” x  W 12 ½” x H 13 3⁄8”

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