Our Story

In 2003, Vevex was founded by Rod Russell for the purpose of creating museum-quality, bespoke containers. These containers are used for shipping items that need more protection than standard shipping containers. Vevex builds each container around the item that it is intended to protect. Because of this process, there are leftover pieces of wood that are too small for the needs of Vevex clients.

Rod Russell – President and CEO
Vevex/Cassiar Craft

Rod realized that the offcuts of wood could be repurposed as part of his commitment to operating an environmentally friendly business. So, he launched Cassiar Craft which creates customized wood products from the pieces of wood too small to be used in Vevex products.

As the sister company to Vevex, Cassiar Crafts is dedicated to reducing the amount of wood left over. Making full use of each piece of wood is one of the best ways to reduce waste in a woodworking shop. By creating these smaller items, Rod and his team have used their skill and ingenuity to create unique items that showcase their creativity and talent, which you can use to showcase your business, while benefiting the environment!

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We create high quality, hand-made wood products customized with your logo or message.